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image of Dan Burfield

Daniel M Burfield

Senior Application Developer



My love for computers started in the 3rd grade. After programming an infinite loop on the Apple IIGS in the LOGO language within the Turtle program, I won a scholarship to computer camp. In 2000, I started, an Ebay business. This got me interested in better websites to support my business. In 2003, I started my own freelance web design company, Notion Potion.

I have been building professional websites since 2000. I have corporate, advertising and startup experience. Working at Alcoa there was a structured corporate process. We met 100% corporate compliance after a fiscal audit. At BarkleyREI I learned about the fast pace of a design house. We had quick turnaround of large and beautiful websites. I learned a lot about standards-compliant web design. Working at USA Today, our division had just been purchased by the parent company, Gannett. The company had just undergone an acquisition and I was working with a new development team. We built a great team in the following three years. I learned about a wide array of frontend and backend development. At Ciber Inc., I continued with managed media IT serving corporate clients which include Delmonte, Big Heart Pet, Bayer, and Ascensia Diabetes. In 2018, I went to Brunner and completed a large home inspection app that generates a rating score for real estate. Most recently I created a Help Desk mobile app for PJ Dick - Trumbull connecting their Lotus Notes database to an Angular app.

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